Equity pipeline partnership unveiled between Enbridge and 23 Indigenous communities in northern Alberta.
The release of our Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan represents another important step in building strong relationships with Indigenous communities across North America.
Military Makeover: Operation Career trains the spotlight on Enbridge
A Dec. 16, 2022 segment of Military Makeover: Operation Career spotlights Enbridge employees who’ve transitioned from the U.S. Armed Forces to successful careers with North America’s leading energy infrastructure company.
The eyes and ears of our pipeline safety program
Inline inspection (ILI) tools move through our pipeline network and use advanced sensor technology to inspect pipe walls millimeter by millimeter. They identify and report even the most minuscule changes that may require follow-up maintenance.
A path to reconciliation
Tomorrow is what we make it. Today, we’re on a path to reconciliation. Listening, learning, adapting. Celebrating culture and community. Working with Indigenous partners. There’s no single path to reconciliation. But when we step up together to meet the challenges, tomorrow is on.
Meeting our 2050 targets through innovation
As a company, Enbridge has committed to company-wide, net-zero emissions by 2050. Through initiatives like solar self-power, infrastructure modernization and exploration of greener fuels, “the 2050 target is absolutely doable with the right roadmap.”


Woodfibre LNG
This LNG liquefaction facility, near Squamish, BC, will help reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by expanding global access to natural gas, displacing coal in power generation.

Under the partnership agreement, Enbridge will invest in a 30% ownership stake in the C$5.1-billion project, slated to enter service in 2027.

Ridgeline Expansion Project Opportunity
Enbridge is proud to be working with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on a project that would provide affordable and cleaner energy for the utility’s customers.

We are proposing to design, construct and operate the Ridgeline Expansion Project (Ridgeline), an expansion of Enbridge’s existing East Tennessee Natural Gas (ETNG) system.

Rio Bravo Pipeline Project
The Rio Bravo Pipeline Project is designed to transport up to 4.5 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas from the Agua Dulce supply area to NextDecade's Rio Grande LNG project in Brownsville, Texas.

the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in January 2020 issued a final order on rehearing for the Rio Grande LNG project and the Rio Bravo Pipeline.

Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Project
Enbridge and its partner EDF Renouvelables are developing the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Project in the Loire-Atlantique region in coastal France.

The 480-megawatt (MW) wind farm will feature 80 GE Haliade 160-6MW turbines to be manufactured in France. The project is expected to generate the equivalent of 20% of the Loire-Atlantique’s electricity consumption.

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Check out our interactive map encompassing the full scope of Enbridge's North American energy infrastructure—oil and gas pipelines, wind farms, solar projects, distribution systems, and more.

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